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HP Compaq dc7100 DT Technical Reference Manual

Typematic keys, when held down longer than ms, send the Make code repetitively at a Hz rate until the key is released. Connectors not shown to scale. Page Allows you to set and enable power-on password. Table lists the PnP functions supported. See the Troubleshooting Guide for more information.

Drive power is supplied through a separate connector. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. Page Value Command Description Test the clock and data lines of the pointing device interface and place test results in the output buffer. Total continuous power should not exceed watts.


Bridge Integrated Graphics Cntlr. Flow-control methods ensure that a packet will only be transferred if the receiving device is ready to accomodate it. Serial Number Serial Number The unit's serial number is located on a sticker placed on the exterior cabinet. Figure shows the power supply cabling for the Ultra Slim Desktop form factor. Both connectors are identical both physically and electrically.

This high-speed interface supports hot-plugging of compatible devices, making possible system configuration changes without powering down or even rebooting systems. See the Desktop Management Guide for more information.

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The key can also be used in conjunction with the numeric keypad keys pos. Table lists the standard source configuration for maskable interrupts and their priorities in mode. This feature is supported on select models only. If more than one interrupt is pending, the highest priority lowest number is processed first.

Page Table lists and describes commands that can be issued by the to the keyboard. Table shows the functions provided by the support components. Page Figure shows the power supply cabling for the convertible minitower systems.

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HP Compaq dc7100 DT Technical Reference Manual

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Table does not list all possible configurations. There are some electrical differences between form factors and between some models, although the overall functionally is the same.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Branch Prediction Rapid Exe.

Software drivers may need to be downloaded for specific cards. Balanced-capacity, dual-channel loading yields best performance. The total memory allocation is determined by the amount of system memory installed in a system. Where provided, es1371 es1373 wdm driver metric statistics are given in parenthesis.

Notational Conventions The notational guidelines used in this guide are described in the following subsections. Technical Reference Guide. For desktop configuration, swap Height and Width dimensions. Highlights of the Setup utility are described in the following table. All systems also provide or support an auxiliary chassis fan.

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