Boost Mobile Sanyo Scp 3810 Driver

Boost mobile sanyo scp 3810 driver

Boost store salesman yesterday told me Mirro discontinued and new model in store soon. Can't beat Boost for value. With its boxy profile, sharp display, and simple navigation controls, mx2310u telecharger pilote it has all the hallmarks of a Sanyo phone.

No dropped calls - great clear sound. Some will get it right the first time, while others will be fooled by the misleading graphics during the training process. Will see, otherwise probably going with Motorola.

Boost Mobile

To me, this is what a cell phone should be before it had cosmetic surgery. The former usually features a light source and liquid crystals, while the latter is based on organic light-emitting diodes. Though the keys are flush, we were able to use them by feel.

Solid phone

Sound qual and reception is great. So, although this phone does take pictures, I'd be afraid to take a priceless shot and know there's no way you can get it off the phone. This phone is for people that use there phone only for talk and some text, this phones battery life and reception a percent top noch.

Boost mobile sanyo scp 3810 driver

With phones on the market being able to interface with a computer or be accessible through software, this phone is back in the stone-ages. When it rings, all I have to do is pull it out of my pocket, check the outside screen to see who is calling, and if I want to answer, I just flip the phone open. The camera lens sits on the backside of the phone next to a speaker. And that is what I really like about this phone.

Overall, I really like this phone. Even texting, which I do not do very often, is amazingly easy with this phone. Facebook Twitter Google plus.

Four of them really stood out. Speaker-independent automatic. But even then, they were too small.

The keys and buttons themselves are pretty nice, it's just the backlighting that is disappointing. When done, just flip it closed. So far, I am happy with this phone.

Reception is also very good tested against other Sprint phones in a fringy corner of my basement. And I did not like that I could not change the color of the theme on the phone. Please log in to post a review. The screen is larger and the phone number selected is highlighted in bright orange, with easy to read text.

Boost mobile sanyo scp 3810 driver

Definitely would recommend. Great for those seeking an easier working keypad with larger keys and fonts. It jumped out of my shirt pocket when my motorcycle hit a bump.

I Love it so far

Additional Product Features Display Resolution. The person I talk to most said my voice was crystal clear for a change. The Mirro is mobipe to maneauver around.

Boost mobile sanyo scp 3810 driver

At this rate, the talk time seems endless. Click for full glossary page. However, I didnt like that I could not use music as a ring tone! The display is great, rather large for boist flip phone. Had I known what I know now, there's no way I'd have purchased this phone.

It's a great phone but for a run of approx months, then it begins to go on the blink. It's also a nice flagship phone in its own right, finally bringing the Nokia brand back to the high end of the market. My old phone had a slide out full keyboard that had about the biggest keys I have ever seen in a full keyboard. The front display doesn't give as much info as most front displays, but it does provide the most essential info. With this phone, everything works with hard keys, and I love it.