Infoscan 3 Lite Driver

Using the Desktop Application. If the required language doesn't appear in the Installed keyboard languages and layouts window, click on the Add button and select it from the list. Use the left arrow key to move the cursor to the speaker icon in order to hear the scanned text read aloud. Make sure you have new, fresh batteries in your Pen.

Infoscan 3 lite driver

Make sure you hold the Pen at the correct scanning angle. When Opticard Mode is activated, the light in the tip of the Pen blinks rapidly.

Infoscan 3 lite driver

This may also include closing programs such as printer software and anti-virus software. If your dictionary contains support for reading aloud and you can't hear the word, you may need to adjust the volume settings on the Pen. What is the Virtual Keyboard and how can I use it?

My computer does not have a serial port. Scan the image horizontally, either from left to right or vice versa. Keep adding characters in this way. The wheels should not squeak, and they really do not tend to squeak.

Windows must recognize the pen. Please include your name and location. Replace the extension card firmly into the slot. You will reach the Pen Main Menu.

WizCom InfoScan 3 Lite - text reader Specs

If you jump to the next line before it finishes processing the original scan, it may not provide good results. Therefore, you must have the Active X controllers on prompt as opposed to disabled. Only one Pen can be associated with host applications. Scanning mode is disabled when you are in the Pen Main Menu or accessing menu options. If you are using the Quicktionary or ReadingPen, you can scan a line and receive word-by-word translation of the scanned text.

If you see that scanning quickly doesn't produce great results, try slowing down slightly and seeing if this helps. You will find the digit serial number under the batteries. This will initiate installation of the software.


WizCom InfoScan 3 Lite - text reader Specs

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It will not scan red on yellow, but it will scan red on black. How can I adjust the Pen for left-handed scanning? On some Pens, the Pen Operating System version is located at the end of all the text in the About menu please scroll down to the bottom of the text to check the operating system version. How steady must my hand be when scanning straight lines?

How do I change the Interface language on the Desktop application? You should delete the file and download it again. The File Transfer Settings menu appears. Make sure you are an administrator on your computer.

Can the Pen scan in different languages? For me this scanner has commenced out wonderful. The Pen will scan in the language defined by the dictionary source language. The letter appears in the Pen display. Does Windows Explorer recognize the pen?

One of the newer pens like the elite might work better. This includes people with learning difficulties, dyslexia, literacy problems and those learning English as a second language. You do not need to be logged in as an administrator to use the pen, acer aspire b300 sound driver only to install the driver for it.

Delete the upgrade package you downloaded fro the website, restart your computer and download the upgrade package again. If you want your files to be saved in Microsoft Office compatible formats you must activate the Host Settings function in the File Transfer Settings menu in the Desktop application. If this is the case, restart Windows and do not activate any other applications while using the Wizcomtech Desktop.

Should I add more memory to my Pen? If the cable isn't connected, it won't appear.

Double-click on the prolific driver and go to Port Settings. If you can't see the driver in the Device Manager, reinstall the driver. Rerun the upgrade to restore the previous menu options. You can also try scanning the same text at different angles and even try scanning the test from right to left rather than the other way round.

This should stop the message from appearing. The word was not scanned correctly. Insert upper case capital letters by scrolling to the lower-case character and pressing the up key to reveal the upper and lower case options for the character. What is Edit Mode and how can I activate it?


Does the Pen recognize handwritten text? In most other applications, you can scan one line immediately after another and each scanned line of text will be inserted directly after the previous line.

The Character Bar is used to manually insert or edit text. Poorly photocopied materials may provide bad results. On the pen, go to the main menu. There is even a plastic guide to put on the tip of the pen to help beginners.

Where can I find the Pen version number? Why does the Pen turn off when it's not in use? How can I achieve the most accurate scanning results?

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The Pen is not able to scan off Microfilm, Microfiche, or computer screens due to problems with the backlighting. Select Scan New File and give the new file a name. It is possible to manually back up the data you have transferred to the Desktop application by going to the File menu and choosing the Save As option.