Sharp Mx-m450n Printer Driver

Be sure to connect the power cord only to a power outlet that meets the specified voltage and current requirements. Storage Of Supplies Standard supplies for this product that can replaced by the user include paper, toner cartridges, and staple cartridges for the finisher. Problem Are any saddle stitch finisher covers open? Touch the appropriate keys checkboxes.

Sharp MX-M350U Operation Manual

The following functions can be selected in the special modes screen. Original Margin Shift Margins can be added to copies. If you are unable to solve the problem by checking the list, turn off the power switch, and unplug the power cord. Use the numeric keys to set the desired number of copies. Transparency Film With Insert Sheets Transparency film with insert sheets When copying onto transparency film, blank insert sheets can be placed between transparent sheets.


The items that can be set with the system settings are shown below. If the machine is not equipped with a duplex module, open the side cover similarly. Both sides of two-sided originals can be scanned at once. Please read this manual before using the machine.

Entering Characters To enter or edit characters in setting screens such as auto dial key programming screens, follow the steps below. The print menu setting screen will appear. Open the finisher compiler. The paper is automatically turned over during copying, allowing two-sided copies to be made with ease.

Page Make sure that an appropriate paper size has been selected based on the selected ratio. Problem Are any finisher covers open? In addition, fill in the name of the administrator and the administrator's contact information in the left hand margin. Place the original in the document feeder tray or on the document glass.

Sharp mx-m450n printer driver

As a selection is made, the touch key for the selection will be highlighted. When no further folders can be created, delete unneeded folders page and then create a new folder. Follow the steps below to select a standard application.

The settings that were in effect when the file was saved appear initially. Meeting Interrupting a copy run See page A copy job in progress can be interrupted for a rush job. Keys can be touched to select and enter settings. The Environmental Choice Program guidelines are applied to the products only in Canada.

Print Jobs Print jobs Print jobs sent to the machine using the machine's printer driver can be saved in the main folder or a previously created custom folder when printed. The main screen shows messages, keys, and items that can be selected for document filing.

Doing so may cause a misfeed. This extension is needed to support large size paper. Unlatch the module and gently move the module away from the machine. All information included herein is subject to change without notice. Close the cover of the saddle stitch section.

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The functions below can be selected in this screen. Programming And Editing Paper Types Programming and editing paper types To program or edit the name of a paper type or set paper attributes, follow the steps below. Specifications Of Paper Trays Specifications of paper trays The specifications for types and sizes of paper that can be used in each tray are shown below. The following screen appears. Card Shot Card shot When copying a card, this function allows you to combine the front and back sides on a single sheet of paper.

Troubleshooting In this event, stop using the machine, unplug the power cord, lexmark 2480 series driver and contact your Sharp dealer. Sharp operation manual laser printer multi-function printer pages.

Two machines connected to the same network can be used to run a large copy job in parallel. Energy Save Job log control Clear all job log data The machine keeps a log of the jobs it has run. Storing a frequently used original size saves you the trouble of manually setting the size each time you copy that size of document.

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Sharp mx-m450n printer driverTroubleshooting

When you contact your Sharp dealer, please tell your dealer what letters and numbers appear. Network Settings Network settings These settings are set when this product is used as a network printer. When this expansion kit is installed, the machine can be used as a network printer. To use this function, two machines must be connected to your network as network printers.

Adjust the original guides to the size of the originals. This is especially true of embossed surfaces and other irregular surfaces.